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Big Antistress Monkey Fidget Toy

Big Antistress Monkey Fidget Toy

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The Big Antistress Monkey Fidget Toy is a large and squishy fidget toy designed to provide stress relief and entertainment. This toy features an orangutan or gorilla design and serves as a fun and quirky addition to your home decor or as a Christmas decoration.

The toy comes in two size options: the sand version measures 16cm X 16cm, while the flour version measures 10cm X 10cm. This allows you to choose the size that suits your preferences and needs.

The fidget toy is made from safe elastic materials, ensuring that it is soft to the touch and durable. It can be stretched up to three times its initial surface, making it a versatile and engaging toy.

Even when subjected to pulling or beating from external forces, it is designed to resist damage, ensuring its longevity.

Size : 

16cm X 16cm

10cm X 10cm

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